The Characteristics Of A Hero In Beowulf

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Bravery, courage, and strength are what usually people describe a hero as, but being a hero is much more than that. Throughout history there have been many heros, even going all the way back in the Dark Ages. Stated in the Cambridge Dictionary, a hero means “a person admired for bravery, great achievements, or good qualities.” Many heroes in today’s world share the same qualities as the heros in the poem Beowulf, such as having good judgement, self-confidence, and staying humble. All heroes have to know what is the right decision, that is why having a good judgement is vital for a hero. Having a good judgement means to be able to look at all the aspects and all possible outcomes in a situation. In the poem Beowulf, the character who portrayed this characteristic the most was Hrothgar. Hrothgar put his pride aside and let Beowulf take over the Grendel situation. He decided this because, Hrothgar's people were dying and he did not have a solution. This led him to make the right decision call and let Beowulf resolve the situation. This trait is very vital in today’s society. People who try to do the right thing may not know that they are actually hurting someone or something. Looking at all the ending results and who it could affect is a trait that Aki Ra posses. Aki Ra was chosen by the Khmer Rouge to become a child soldier. Aki Ra’s job was to put mines in the ground in Cambodia. After a while Aki Ra did not agree with what he was doing, and made a difficult decision. His

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