The Characteristics Of American Slavery In The Movie Django Unchained

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The movie Django Unchained setting was during 1858, slavery was very common and popular during that era. Django, the main character was a slave who was ‘taken” with a bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz. This movie did an amazing job portraying history in the way that the South had already been selling alot of slaves because the South had already made slavery a way of their life, much like they did in the real world. According to Django Unchained's Bloody Real History in Mississippi by Adam Rothman illustrates, “The true history of the Cotton Kingdom before the Civil War was no less bizarre and bloody than anything the movie has to offer.” The author is claiming that the South was just as strange and brutal as what the movie showed us. I agree with Adam Rothman’s article because the movie Django Unchained was just as strange and brutal as how slaves were treated in the 1850’s.They were put through inhumane conditions that involved a lot of sorrow, torture, and death. In the movie Django Unchained, Djangos wife,Hildi, was whipped in a brutal way. It is shown that shes tied up getting whipped and screaming for help, while Django is seen watching hopelessly. According to a section from “American Slavery As It Is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses” on page 20 it illustrates “In this distorted posture the monster flies at them, sometimes in great rage, with his implements of torture, and cuts on with all his might, over the shoulders, under the arms, and sometimes over the head

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