The Characteristics Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero

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Beowulf was a man with the appearance of a hero but the heart of any ordinary man. He was a living testament of what an epic hero is while also offering an understanding of how men can falter. He bore the same struggles of a human man but often overcame them with his wit. These issues originated from the lives of men before him that came to torment the world later into their existence. The very seed these hero’s attempted to plant into the world were rooted out of evil and not good. They failed when it came to the understanding of actions rooted out of self as opposed to SELF. Men are supposed to be individuals of integrity, courage and honesty but often fall short of this standard when idolized by man. The pressure that the pedestal brings upon their lives often causes them to crack. Beowulf’s life story was destined for him to become a great hero. Being abandoned at birth for the average individual would have been a hindrance but somehow Beowulf was able to write a unique story and overcome a childhood without guidance of an adult. Although his parents abandoned him as a child, Beowulf was fostered by King Hrethel and treated with tough love. Growing through this process could have been the very catalyst to his development of the qualities that make Beowulf an epic hero. Similar to how gems like diamonds are formed through a process of distress and pressure so was Beowulf. The infant bastard was the one who would travel the world saving nations. Beowulf was not a man that

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