The Characteristics Of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

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Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Rachel L. Bizjak Jefferson State Community College Just like a snowflake, each human is unique and possess different qualities and characteristics. No one is exactly alike, not even identical twins. This is also true when speaking about intelligence. Intelligence can be defined as the ability to resolve problems. This can be done in many ways. Howard Gardner suggests that intelligence can be classified into nine different categories: linguistic, spatial, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential. Each person differs in strengths and weaknesses and may possess different intelligences. An individual may be highly skilled in math and problem solving, but may possess no musical skills. It would benefit a student in college to evaluate Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences and determine their strengths when deciding what profession would suit them the best. Examining each type of intelligence mentioned in Gardner’s multiple intelligences will yield more knowledge to a student who is in search for a suitable career. The first type of intelligence proposed by Gardner is linguistic intelligence. This is the ability to verbally express languages. Proper grammar and pronunciation is a requirement for linguistic intelligence. An individual who is mastered in linguistic intelligence would be able to express their words in an articulate manner. They would also be

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