The Characteristics Of Leadership : Hitler's Leadership

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Hitler’s Leadership
Hitler, a man filled with power, a man who would conquer anything he desires to rule upon, a man with more power that no one would get in his way because they were terrified of being slaughtered. Not only was Hitler a man of power but he was a man who reigned upon all who tried to get the best of his position. He was a different man out of the rest of Germany, but he had his good leadership skills when it was needed the most to help his country survive the worst of its time reigning upon an evil man. As Hitler grew stronger in power germans realized that he was becoming more dishonorable to his country but he would get the job done. Hitler’s leadership skills were significant than others because he had conquered most of Germany, crushed democracy, his leadership wasn't so significant, and he did start World War 2. Took Over Germany As Hitler did take over Germany he had plans and reasoning why he wanted to become the superior. As it states “Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding speaker… attracted a wide following of Germans desperate for changes” (Holocaust Memorial Museum). This quote explains why people had hoped for a new change because of Hitler’s appearance on how his plans would help change Germany into a higher quality country. As Hitler became chancellor of Germany, the leader for the government, the Germans impression to him coming was like having a new savior for their nation (Holocaust Memorial Museum). Back in November 19, 1932 Hitler was

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