The Characteristics Of The African Elephant And Other Animals

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Though there are many animals, picking a favorite is not a difficult task. Of the approximate 7.77 million species of animals on Earth, the African Elephant is my favorite. These majestic creatures are different from any other animal I’ve ever known. Not many other animals possess the same traits or qualities as they do. The endangered mammal intrigues me because of their unique appearance, their ability to show emotions that other animals cannot, and their high intelligence level. These gentle giants are a fascinating component of the animal kingdom. To some, the African Elephant may seem a little odd, but they have their place in the world. The body of an African Elephant, though unconventional in comparison to other animals, is perfect for their way of life. Their large ears give them the ability to hear sounds up to 6.2 miles away, in ideal conditions, while also serving as a communication device. Their unusual oval-shaped feet act as a shock absorber due to the thick fatty tissue it is made up of. This allows the elephants to walk silently because sounds are muffled under their feet. Lastly, the trunk on an elephant is made up of eight major muscles on either side which gives the elephant the ability to lift up to 700,000 pounds. They can also be used as a built-in snorkel, allowing the mammal travel across larger bodies of water. Not only do the trunks of elephants help themselves, can be used to help other elephants. Elephants are one of the few animals who are

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