Abuse Of Animals In Captivity

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Imagine if you were thrown into a cage, or beat for no specific reason, or being forced to do something you didn’t want to do, all for the entertain of humans. Animals have been used for entertainment purposes in both the past and present. The total number of animals in captivity for the sake of entertainment of humans is 751,931. There are many different types of Animal abuse. Some examples of different types of animal abuse are poor living conditions, inhumane rearing practices or purposeful execution of violent and harmful acts against the animals, such as, dog fighting. Some major contributors to animal cruelty around the world are, animal testing, fishing and slaughterhouses. Animals in captivity are forced to perform silly tricks under …show more content…

A trip to the zoo is not only a fun day out; it is an opportunity for many people to get very close to animals they are probably not going to see anywhere except in the zoo. Zoos stick to a strict standard, with licenses and welfare checks all being mandatory. Regardless of these guidelines, numerous people are against animals living in captivity and being paraded before individuals for money related entertainment. It is good if you are kind to because some animals can be sensitive just like humans. I f you treat an animal by abusing it; it will take defense next time, which could leave the human in a very dangerous condition. Positive effects of animals in entertainment Zoos can be found all over the world, it can be a great way for people to learn about animals in the wild without having to put the human in danger. People want to be able to admire these animals and the power of nature has. The average zoo today is far different from zoos where back in the days. Back in the days zoos would keep their animals from getting out with cement cages and steel bar enclosures . A more natural approach is taken these days. Modern zoos use streams and moats to prevent animals from leaving their area. “The animals are also housed in what is known as a mini-habitat, this means the enclosure where that particular animal lives is as close to its natural habitat as possible.” (Animals Kept in …show more content…

It is very hard for zoos to replicate the natural environment that the animal is used to living in. Capturing animals is cruel no matter the reason. Animals have their own rights, and animals have their own lives while they’re out in the wild. Capturing these animals destroys their way of life. “For example elephants travel long distances in the wild in large groups that is their way of life. When elephants are in a zoo, they can’t travel long distances, in fact, the amount they can move can barely be named as worthy of travel.” (List of Pros and Cons of Zoos). Experts, scientists, and researchers who study elephants in the wild strongly opposed a similar capture in 2003, stating, Taking elephants from the wild is not only traumatic for them, it is also detrimental to their health. We believe the time has come to consider them as sentient beings and not as so much money on the hoof to be captured and sold and displayed for our own use. (Zoos: Pitiful

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