The Characteristics Of The Beasts In Beowulf

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In his story, Beowulf encounters three beasts: Grendel, Grendel’s mother and a dragon, all of which help us determine the characteristics of our epic hero. By breaking down the fights into the setting, the antagonists and the reasons for the fights, it is clear that Beowulf is seen as a highly valued, loyal and courageous soldier to many people. The first fight that Beowulf experiences is with Grendel. Beowulf is asked by the King to take down the beast that is killing all of the Danes. Beowulf gathers a group of Geats, men from his kingdom, and they sail across the ocean to help Hrothgar. One of the more powerful facts that is presented in the passage is shown through Beowulf’s speech to a watchmen. On line 175 where Beowulf mentions his father. This is important to us because it shows us how highly respected and valued Beowulf’s family is just because of what his father had done during his time on earth. Beowulf says, “Wise men all over the earth surely remember him still,” when talking about his father which helps us realize that his father was important to the Danes and in a way this is his entrance ticket into Hrothgar’s land. Another important aspect of the first fight is how Beowulf talks to his soldiers. He ‘orders’ them to wait with their weapons while he talks to the king and prepares for the encounter with Grendel. Once they talk to Hrothgar, Beowulf gives out another speech and this time he talks about why he should be the one to Grendel. In line 246

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