The Characters of "I'M Not Scared" Essay

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Michele Amitrano Michele's compassion is his most prominent characteristic that makes him appealing to the reader. Throughout the novel, he exhibits empathy well beyond his years, often making readers forget that he is just nine. This can be seen clearly in three main instances. First, when he goes after his sister when she has fallen over (pg. 4) despite his own fears. Secondly, offering to complete the forfeit in place of Barbra when Skull forces her to complete an embarrassing forfeit. Finally, and most evidently, when he takes care of Filippo. This makes for a positive contrast with the rest of Acqua Traverse who seem to lack any compassion. When describing places and characters he reveals his unique way of viewing things that …show more content…

His whole world has been turned upside down, and he has gone from being clean and well dressed to being dirty and almost naked. He believes that Michele is an angel, come to take him to heaven, out of his grave/hole. Michele and Filippo, even though they are the same age are very different. Their upbringings are contrasting. Filippo is obviously from a rich background. He speaks of his electric train set (pg. 86). His mother, after appealing to his kidnappers on TV, appears to be in ‘a big leather armchair in a room full of books' (pg. 86). Michele's upbringing is the complete opposite. His bike, The Crock, is old and previously belonged to Pino (pg. 6), and he longs for a new one, however understands his family cannot afford it. He shares a corridor-turned room with his sister and his house is small. Despite all the differences in their lifestyle, Michele and Filippo share many of the same personal attributes, like honesty. Their actions and thoughts also depict a very same innocence, and childlike imagination. Felice Natale Felice boasted that he would kill Filippo so he could gain power over Michele. He knows Filippo is important to Michele and used that to ensure he had ultimate authority over him. Felice has no friends in the Acqua Traverse area. On some level, becoming involved in the kidnapping plan allows Felice to become part of a group. Skull (Antonio) Natale Skull's action around the other children of Acqua Traverse

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