The Chase: A Fictional Narrative

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The Chase It seemed as if I had been here for hours but I knew it had only been minutes. I’d been waiting for it to come, to prove it was real. My hands were shaking, gripping the camera as if for dear life. I thought, I can’t go back, not after what I said. No, I won’t go back until it’s proven, until I can show them the truth. I heard an eerie creak from behind me. I turned around slowly, my hands shaking, and then I saw it. The beast! I tried to raise my hands, take a picture, prove my sanity, but my hands wouldn’t move. It disappeared and I felt a stabbing in my leg. I looked down to see blood dripping from my leg. Run for it, I thought. It won’t follow you out of the house. I was wrong. I ran to my little village, fearful of when I’d …show more content…

Come on, if Mordred finds you’ve been out of the orphanage you’re in deep trouble.” “Th-the beast was there! D-don’t you s-see its footprints?” Livsly shook her head. “Ann, you’re taking this too far. Just say it’s fake, no one will judge you.” “But look! It scratched my leg!” “Oh, Ann, are you okay? You shouldn’t play by the barbedwire!” I looked back and the footprints weren’t there. “I really saw it this time! You have to believe me!” Livsly looked at me and then said, “They were right, you are insane.” I felt like I had just been punched in the guts and when Livsly saw the look on my face she realized what she’d said. “Ann, I didn’t mean . . . I’m sorry. Wait! Ann, come back!” But I had already taken off. I ran to my secret stash for when I would run away. I took everything except the black and white photo of Livsly and me. I’ll take a train to Canada, I thought. Someone there will like me. I boarded a train to Arizona and saw Livsly running to catch up. When she saw me on the train she stopped and fell to her knees, crying, looking at the photo. I felt a welling guilt in my chest, but I pulled my head away, trying to forget about her and hoping there wouldn’t be any beasts in

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