The Cherry Lady 01

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1. Identify the most critical issues that confront The Cherry Lady, now and in the future. Why have these issues arisen or likely to arise and what are the implications? There are several critical issues the Cherry Lady is confronting right now. All have direct implications on further strategy to grow. Alicia needs to decide on the strategy she wants to follow. Either she will continue to run her business steadily, while having the same problems and rather slow development result or she will dare to expand rapidly including a contract with Epicurean Selection. The current direction of TCL grow is up and stable. TCL increases the sales yearly – almost 6times in first year of its operation and its sales doubled in 2006 in compression to…show more content…
Take a role of the closes friend or the advisor of Alicia Gans. Prepare a memo fo Ms. Gans that (a)identifies the most critical issues confronting the Cherry lady (B) provides the your recommendations regarding how she should address the issues and (c)provides a detailed action plan

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