Essay on Four Most Important Problems Facing America

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Throughout this essay, I will be discussing what I believe to be the four most important problems facing the United States of America today. I will present these problems in order for most important, to least important. I will talk about how these problems came to be and discuss what my research stated. I will then give my reasoning for selecting each problem and discuss my ideas for correcting these problems.
I believe that America is facing a great deal of problems at this time; however, the top four issues in my opinion are economic instability, unemployment, gun control and limitations on Constitutional rights. I selected my top four based upon how the issue impacts American citizens and their families. I also selected things that I
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I think that there should also be corrections to the Medicaid problem because that is causing many children to go without insurance. When children do not have insurance and they have to go to the doctor, the parents are paying a great deal of money for the treatment for their children and that may cost their family food for a few days. Families all over the country are in different situations but the debt and the high cost of living are not helping the citizens. Due to the high cost of living, many parents have to work more than one job to provide for their families; however, due to the high percentages of unemployment, many parents cannot obtain two or more jobs.
The second most important problem facing America is the high unemployment rates. The unemployment rates are constantly fluctuating, causing uncertainty among the American people. The unemployment has come down a bit over the past few years according to Trading Economics. “Unemployment Rate in the United States decreased to 6.70 percent in December of 2013 from 7 percent in November of 2013”. (Trading Economics, 2014, p.1) I believe that it is good that the unemployment rates are coming down, but they should be a lot lower. I believe a way to correct this problem would be to remove some restrictions by the health care law on employers making them able to hire more
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