The Chicago School Applied For Terrorism

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Unit 3 DB 2
The Chicago School Applied to Terrorism
As we all know, our vision and our hearts were imprinted by the heinous acts of violence on 9/11. The USA was assaulted by terrorist, and these acts of violence’s have continued ever since. It is like cancer, once you think you have parts of it under control it rears its ugly head and sprouts up somewhere else. The USA and other Nations like England fight against terrorism is always an overriding priority for the Department of Justice. They spend every waking hour, devoting all their resources to weaken, try to eliminate, and weaken their infrastructure, but just like a mythological creature, we cut off their heads and another one just grows back. The main issue that cause the terrorists attack was “our failure to talk about the possibility of such an event before it occurred, and it was identified by many professionals as creating a climate which made us more vulnerable” (“Schools & Terrorism”, n.d.). The next thing on our list is trying to develop a strategy to combat this, and in my conclusion I am going to explain why this is an impossible idea, based on my train of thought.
Strategic plan Before any type of plan can be developed we need to make sure we have enough funding. The DOJ and DHS receive their funds from Congress and the Administration who work together to provide the funding for their programs, because “without adequate resources to meet the challenges before us, our ability to achieve our

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