The Chocolate Diaries: Secret For A Sweeter Journey On The Rocky Road Of Life

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Introduction The book “The Chocolate Diaries: Secret for a Sweeter Journey on the Rocky Road of Life” by Karen Scalf Linamen is a made by the author who wants to share something sweet in a rocky road steps. The author also shares her experiences that she encountered. Different journey in life, different people we bumped. The challenges we are always facing in makes us stronger. A problem that teaches us on how to stay even in a critical situation.

Summary The author, her friends and even her relatives share everything about their life and how will they cope up with their problems. They give tips and tricks on how will you deal with the situation. Sometimes recipes and sometimes a sweet secret about the personalities in an unusual life. The book was …show more content…

It is sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. Moving a rocky road journey is hard. Trials keep us flexible to make our journey unforgettable. Disappointments are always there, and we cannot avoid it immediately. Problems there and everywhere but there is a person who will carry you and put you on the right you. God help them placed their problems and faced it with the healthy heart. God is the center of everything; He helped them in their obstacles in life. A positive life gives them a mark to be stronger and has a strength to make it possible.

According to Karen Scalf Linamen (2011), she stated that focus on the single twisted tree, and you just might miss this beauty of the vibrant forest. It doesn't just cast off the miseries of life. Because no matter how dark each adversity weighs, if you'll focus on solving every circumstance while keeping in mind your goals, then the outcome is much favorable than what you thought it to be. Simply put, the greatest things in life happen during unexpected points in time. More often, the decision lies in our hands. For it is always our being that unravels the sweetest knots behind life's dilemma.

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