The Choice Of A Higher Education

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The Choice of a Higher Education Many have argued on different sides of going to college if it is worth the price of tuition and if it will help students get a job after high school. In the past couple of years, two articles have been posted online around the idea of getting a higher education and what it really means to get one. The first, “My View: Should everyone go to college?” by Mike Rose, originally written online published by CNN’s School of Thought. In his article, Rose asks his readers to look at the idea of going to college and the experiences of college as well as the opportunities of getting a higher education for future jobs. In the second article, “What value really means in higher education” by Karen R. Lawrence, published online by The Hechinger Report an Independent Education News. Lawrence writes to her audience, faculty of the college and prospective students, to explain the qualities of higher education as well as what it can do for future students. Lawrence’s article is more likely to persuade readers to change their minds about choosing to go college than Rose because she is able to show her presence and importance in her writing, use lots of reasoning behind her argument to add a serious tone to her article, and add enough passion into her argument to be convincing towards her readers. As the President of Sarah Lawrence College, Karen R. Lawrence is able to connect with the readers by expressing her authority as the president of the college, and
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