The Church Organization Process

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The Church Organization Process Being organized can help all of us make it through our day more efficiently. If we have to constantly search for things we need, our time is wasted. Time that we know could be better spent on other things. Organizing is helpful. Today we see organized religion everywhere. It can be seen in a small Bible study of two or more, or in a congregation of thousands. Meeting together helps us, we build relationships and starts the process where we begin to fit into God’s will and plan for our lives. God is able to allow us to grow and mature spiritually, I see it as His own spiritual greenhouse. God also desires for us to make a commitment to a local church where we can be accountable to others and increase the Kingdom. It only begins to become a hindrance when we start to stray from God’s agenda and start to follow our own plan. Today I wish to explore how necessary organization is to the health of a church, if it is considered evil, and if too much organization will hinder the church’s growth. “Being organized is not the problem. Focusing on the rules and rituals of a religion is the problem” ( There needs to be a proper balance between what needs to be accomplished and how we go about achieving it. McIntosh tells us, Organizers develop the internal systems to meet the demands brought on by the church’s growth” (pg.92, 2009). In 1 Corinthians 14:33 Paul tells us, For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in…
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