The Church and Roberta Bondi

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As a child, Roberta Bondi didn’t have a peaceful childhood while growing up. She had to struggle with her faith, calling God, father, and even her relationship with her own father. Roberta had unique personality compared to others such that her thinking was beyond what anyone might expect; in which the excitement of thinking beyond expectations made Roberta the person she was. Roberta was raised in a society where men were in control; however, she didn’t approve of such society due to her curiosity and not obeying what she’s been told. Roberta was not an easy and a calm child to handle, she caused trouble and her father’s expectations of her were high. Not only that but her questioning of gender role was a concern for her. After her parents were separated, her father’s expectations of her were no longer there and did not speak to one another. After a while, blaming one-self after a separation of the parents is always expected from young children and so Roberta’s feeling that the separation of her mother and father was due to her misbehavior at home allowed her to be not happy. The separation of her parents did not only cause Roberta to feel not happy but also her thinking was shaped in ways that blamed all men to be the exact same way and that on one could be the same. This can be related to what each child feels and thinks if that were to happen to their own family, and unfortunately in our current society there are people that still the same way as Roberta’s father and

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