The Cia And Central Intelligence Agency

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The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in the United States has been involved in several operations with drug trafficking. Some of these reports claim that the evidence of the Congress indicates that the CIA worked with groups that were known to be involved in drug trafficking. The deals mainly include providing the CIA with useful information and support material, in exchange for allowing their criminal activities to continue, and impede or prevent the arrest, prosecution and imprisonment from United States law enforcement agencies. This "war on drugs" was used as an easy way to increase repression in inner cities and confiscate millions of dollars in private assets through unconstitutional forfeiture laws. These assets were used to fund police burgeoning, and as an active participant in the illegal drug trade, public resources were used to bring heroin and cocaine into American inner cities since the 1960 's.
The most controversial public episode was when the report of the Kerry Committee came to the conclusion that the members of the Department of State of the United States of America "those who had provided support for the contras, were involved in drug trafficking [ ... ] and the own elements of the contras, were received with his consent financial and material assistance from drug traffickers".
In 1996 Gary Webb wrote a series of articles published in the San Jose Mercury News, as a result of an investigation to the Nicaraguan contras linked to the backed by the CIA
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