The City Of Birmingham, Birmingham And The Magic City

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As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, home, is “ones place of residence”. Home can serve not only as a place of rest but also as a place of peace, a place to escape the struggles of day. However, home can also be that place of struggles and could hold no peace or rest. Home for me was a place of rest and peace even though I was hardly ever there. Between working a full-time job along with balancing a girlfriend and a gym schedule, I only went home to sleep and change clothes. Outside of the Edgewater community where I lived; my home was Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1871, Birmingham quickly grew to become one of the south’s leading producers of steel and iron, giving it the nickname, “The Magic City”. Now, Birmingham can best described by its schools, weather, and nightlife.
In the Civil Rights Era, the city of Birmingham was another victim of hate, racism, and segregation. The 16th Street Baptist church bombing was a result of that hate. In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested for protesting in Birmingham which resulted in his famous “The Letter from Birmingham Jail”. Segregation of schools was a major challenge in the education of African American children. Black schools did not have the same opportunities and resources to be successful compared to white schools. Over a century later that is still somewhat true. The highschool I which was Ramsay High School attended excelled academically, even though we did not have as good desks, hallways, or even

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