The City Of Sparta And Athens

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There are many differences in how the city states of Sparta and Athens had values, institutions, and actions, with few similarities. These Greek city states were two of the most powerful cities at that time. Though, these cities were small, they had a great impact on western culture. From the values of women from each state to the overwhelming education in one state to the lack of education in the other state which made the city of Sparta, with a lack of education fear. These most famous and powerful city states could not tolerate one another, because of the systems that were set in place. This would lead to a great war. In the city state of Sparta, unlike the city of Athens, Sparta was a state that focused on a strong military influence. At a young age of seven, boys of this state would start to train and live as a army. The boys would grow up living to fight, and would only be able to retire of the life of a solider at the age of sixty. At the age of twenty, the men would be allowed to marry but, could not live with their family until the considered mature age of thirty. Unlike other parts of Greece like the city of Athens, women in Sparta had a great amount of freedom, because of the husbands living in the military barracks until the age of thirty. These women were allowed to own and inherit property. “They could even supervise large estates”(p.100). Not only were they held more power in their household than other parts of Greece but, the women of Sparta were
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