The Civil Dispute Resolution

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During the process of this dispute you have a right to a lawyer which I believe is recommended when dealing with these kind of case because the lawyer have the direct duty of filling the dispute. While in class I learned that when dealing with these kind of cases the court has the right to assign charges to the person who is making the dispute or the person who is summons for the dispute. This subject was one that really touch the class when we was discussing it, but we had to think back on business law and also the law and if it was ethical or unethical, during this discussion I learned that it could take month even some times years to really get over a case of which a person is trying to dispute something. Dispute can be very confusing when dealing with two party that why we learn that its best to get the court and lawyer involved to solve it more quickly and let the people who we elect speak for us but still advising us through the different issue. The “Civil Dispute Resolution” really carry a lot of weight when it come to trying to carry out a dispute it can be a little hard to understand but once you understand the law and the basic issue that come along with this it will help you understand that all dispute are not winnable and or not even sometimes ethical but it really up to the lawyer and the court to decided. When dealing with law we have to understand that as a society we have to have somewhat of a foundation that govern us as a society and in our every day

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