The Civil Liberties Of America

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In the developing stages of America, many Americans had a very hard time adapting and accepting people of different backgrounds. America has battled the war on our civil liberties all the way from the 1800s until now. The law that was passed to protect the people of the United States from certain things has caused more damage then it was intended to do. America has many loopholes that have given the government many opportunities to violate the civil liberties of people when they feel the country is in any type of danger. In the 1800 and 1900s America was infested with many different types of disease, such as Cholera, Typhoid and Whooping Cough. With the amount of immigrants coming into the U.S, people often blamed them on bringing diseases with them. Many civil liberties were put at risk here because the Americans wanted to protect their nation at any cost. They held people against their will such as Typhoid Mary and the Chinese, treated women and children differently from their male counterparts, and immigrant workers were not treated correctly.
Many immigrants traveled to the Americas around the 1800 and 1900s. Immigrants that came were mostly in search of better paying work and lifestyle. One of these immigrants would have to be Mary Mallon, whom was from the Irish descendent. According to Frederick Davis, “Mary Mallon worked as a domestic servant who then became a cook which offered better pay.” (Davis, Frederick. June 10, 2015 Typhoid Mary) Mallon was one of the first…
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