The Civil Rights Movement

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Even with the passage of laws that guaranteed equality there were still many racial tensions during, before and after the war years. The large scale movement of African Americans from the South to the industrial centers in the North led to local confrontations over jobs and housing shortages. The Federal government feared a major race war could result. Luckily large scale disturbances did not happen, however there were instances of race riots in 1943 Detroit, and a series of anti-Mexican riots in Los Angeles during the same year. Despite all of these problems, the city of Vanport was officially integrated. The schools were mixed with all of the different ethnic and racial groups, and so were the churches and recreational facilities. Because of this, African Americans were able to form several organizations that helped them protect and expand their rights (citation).
Several organizations came to prominence in the Portland area during the war time. Several of the groups that came of age were the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), The Urban League, the Office of Vocational Opportunity and the Committee on the Inter-Racial Principles and Practices. These organizations sought to provide a voice for Portland’s black residents through education, employment programs, legal representation and the promotion of civil rights and liberties. Some of these organizations, notably the NAACP are still around today. (citation).
After World War II ended,

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