The Civil War And Abolition Of Slavery

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Even though Abraham Lincoln was disdained by many people, specifically Confederate loyalists, during his presidential term. He will be remembered for being one of the greatest presidents to ever led our nation through one of its toughest times in history, the Civil War and abolishment of slavery. Meanwhile former history teacher Bill O’Reilly, and historian Martin Dugard illustrated the astonishing, vivid details that brought to life Lincoln 's final days before Lee 's surrender at Appomattox Court House and Abrahams assassination. Furthermore Killing Lincoln is a thriller that will swell one 's brain with knowledge and excitement.
Killing Lincoln initiated with Abraham 's inauguration to his second presidential term on March 4, 1865. Little did Lincoln know that is psychotic assassin, John Wilkes Booth, would be witnessing one of his final speeches before ever getting to fulfill many of his epic plans for the Union and soon to be a united nation, after Lee’s surrender.
Fast forwarding to April 1, 1865 at City Point, Virginia just fourteen days before the assassination, Lincoln is eager for the Civil War to end, after four long bloody years. Lincoln himself can not help but actually go to battle ground areas and feel so close to the front. Knowing that he is fresh bait for Confederate loyalists, unfearful he roams around without protection, foreshadowing what will await him in the days to come. During the final Civil War days before Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court

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