The Civil War And The United States Essay

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The civil war that continues to rage in Syria for the past five years has been one of both great loss and great interest. Several key actors from around the world such as the United States, Russia, Turkey, the Syrian government, Syrian rebels or National Coalition, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all have a great amount at stake based on the outcome of the war. Thus, the difficulties of negotiating peace are almost impossible to overcome, which causes great powers like that of the U.S. and Russia to use their resources in order to obtain their desired outcome. In this essay, I will be outlining the key actors, which side they are on, and what is at stake for each of them within this civil war, as well as examining how this turmoil has “[created] a haven for the Islamic State to move in.” Now let us identify the key actors who have a stake in this civil war. Initially, one should look at the country of origin in which a civil war plays out, in this instance, Syria. Syria was thrown into a state of turmoil after the government reportedly arrested and tortured teenagers who had painted revolutionary slogans on their school’s walls. This caused massive rallies to take place, in which government soldiers fired upon protestors, killing several. As a result, the protestors took up arms of their own and proceeded to fight back against the governmental forces in an attempt to end President Assad’s regime. This then drew up the battle lines; on one side was President Assad and his
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