Immigration And The Debate On Immigration Essay

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in the debate was about immigration. Every year, thousands of immigrants come to the United States, some document and some undocumented. They have different reasons for wanting to come to America, whether it is for jobs, the policies and laws of the United States, the economy, or even refugees from countries which are going through a civil war.
There are many different opinions on immigration and what to do with illegal immigrants. Many citizens believe that taxes increase due to illegal immigrants who use federal programs, like welfare. Others believe there are many who come to America who are dangerous, in gangs, and cause crime and poverty. And still others believe that we have laws in place to take care of illegal immigration, however, the country does not enforce those laws.
Donald Trump said he was going to build a wall between the United States and Mexico when elected president. Not only was he going to build a wall but he was going to have Mexico pay for it ("COMPELLING MEXICO TO PAY FOR THE WALL," n.d.). He also promised to deport approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants and have any immigrants who decide to come to the United States to do so legally (LoBianco, 2015).
Even though this a controversial subject, the millennial generation is more acceptable to immigration compared to the older generation. Jeff Guo writes in the Washington Post “First, younger generations have grown up with more diversity, so they likely feel more comfortable with
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