The Civilians Of Ancient Greece

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World History C375 Task 2 Serra Bauman 000505328 Part A The civilians of Ancient Greece had to be resourceful. Most civilizations had rivers to channel, irrigate, and predict. Ancient Greece is a series of islands. This means that the people of Ancient Greece had to learn to live on the ocean. They had to deal with being more vulnerable to land attacks as they were used to battling with ships. And they also had to deal with huge ocean storms. These storms could destroy a new society with no notice. (Acrobatic, 2014) There were good things about being a seafaring civilization. As the Ancient Greeks migrated to the coast of the Mediterranean, and Black Seas, they were able to put all of their energy into maritime trade, eventually making them dominant of the busiest waterway in the ancient world. (Acrobatic, 2014) Persian people, or “people of Arya”, settled south of Iran in the plains of Pars. These plains were very fertile. This fertility allowed the Persian’s to grow and expand on sea and land. (Acrobatic, 2014) Part B In Greece, a democratic society was created. This society thought highly of citizen participation, and the unending search of the ultimate philosophical truths. Being responsible as a group was far more important than individual rights, or freedom. This created an open society that was free to open expression and questioning authority. (Acrobatic, 2014) The “love of wisdom”, or study of philosophy was possible in the open society of Greece.
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