The Class For Exceptional Learners

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In August, the class for Exceptional Learners was starting at six-thirty on a Tuesday night. I thought that at the beginning of class we would learn about some disabilities and find ways to identify them to put them in the special education classroom. I also believed that we would find ways on how to teach to these students with certain disabilities. Some of my ideas of what the class was going to be like were true. Some I found were a little different. I did find that throughout the class how a student might qualify to have an IEP. I also was taught what might be included in an IEP depending on the student and what disability they have. Throughout this class I have learned a lot. Honestly, before the class I didn’t really understand people with disabilities. I thought that they were weird and messy and I didn’t really want to be near them. I know that this is horrible thought but part of me I didn’t feel comfortable being around them. I didn’t know how to act and I didn’t want to treat them like babies. I had misconceptions of people with disabilities and I believed in all of the stereotypes. Looking back I know how that it was wrong of me to think that. I’m glad that I was able to be a part of this class in order to inform me of what people with disabilities are really like. By being a student in this class I have learned a lot and now have different views of people with disabilities. I know understand why some people do the things they do because of the disability

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