The Clean Power Of The Dominican Republic

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The Clean Power Company has recently realized that in order to stay in business, they will have to move the company out of the country to the Dominican Republic. They have already purchased 500 acres of undeveloped land adjacent to the Chavon River. They also plan to build a school to help with overcrowding and to promote corporate social responsibility with the locals. Furthermore, as part of the sales agreement, the seller, Teltac Corporation, has agreed to put in roads, septic systems, and water lines. Teltac, has also informed Clean Power that there should be no problems running these sewer lines directly into the river as the Chavon River is clean and large and can absorb the waste. People in the new community feel that this is cause for major concern.
The Clean Power Company has lots of ethical decisions to make. The two main ethical concerns that arise if Clean Power moves its company: First, how the move will effect the present stake holders (i.e. the employees, their families, the business partners of Clean Power, and shareholders in Cincinnati). The second is the effect that the move will have on the environmental and community stakeholders of the Dominican Republic.

It would be unlawful for the any company to dump toxic sewage into the Chavon River, or any river for that matter, by doing such a thing it puts the new community at risk of disease and illness. Also, by polluting the river, it will contaminate the local environment and wreak havoc

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