The Cleverness of Marcus Brutus

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Marcus Brutus was the most clever of all, even down to the detail of being a family man. Not many people know what it takes to be a good politic, family man, and friend. Not many people know how to pick out who are the good guys. It does not cross their mind that maybe they are just getting the but of the story. Or maybe they do, but how is Marcus Brutus portrayed to them? How do they see him? This is such a labeled universe. How hard is it to not put a label on someone or something? Yeah Brutus, the guy who rolled with the punches and got played, wasn’t really the one who got played. In fact, he was the one who was doing the playing. As clever and intriguing as this sounds it’s going to be hard to tell how it is so. But, the words might come clearer with the fact that this guy was a genius. Cassius was secretly being a jerk to Brutus. He was being this way to get Brutus to do things. So in the end Cassius was never really trying to befriend Brutus. Brutus was always a friendly kind of guy as long as you were not his enemy. Brutus places trust in the people around him. Brutus would not have put Cassius in his friend category for no reason. Sure, they were “good friends,” but sometimes the call of duty involves creating a close person in order to betray them in the end. Maybe Brutus knew that Cassius was going to use him. If Cassius didn’t use Brutus then the entire assassination might not have even taken place. And then again it could have been the other way around to

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