The Clinical Interview, The Mental Status Examination ( Dnp )

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During the clinical interview, the mental status examination (MSE), and the implementation of the WAIS-IV, Mr. Smithson gave accurate information. The patient struggled with some tasks throughout the WAIS-IV. He tried his best, despite the frustrations that he encountered. The entire assessment did not display a valid reflection of the patient’s functioning because of the significant scatter in index scores on the WAIS-IV. Malingering, faking good or faking bad, and lying were not present. Inconsistencies Mr. Smithson displayed a good amount of effort; therefore, he was a reliable patient. Inconsistencies were not present between his report, effort, and results of this evaluation. Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning Intellectual Functioning The WAIS-IV is an assessment designed to measure cognitive functioning and intelligence in adults. The WAIS-IV generates composite, index, and subtests scores based on performance on verbal, non-verbal, processing speed, and working memory tasks. These scores reflect the individual’s performance at the time of testing and can be predictive of future functioning within a confidence interval of 95%. The composite full scale IQ score is a global representation of the individual’s functioning, the index scores represent their ability on a specific grouping of tasks, and the subtests scores indicate their ability within the specific cognitive functions. The composite and index scores have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation

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