The Club Essay

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When the club opens at eight, it's almost unrecognisable. Two large men dressed in black suits guard the entrance, they seem friendly enough, but I'm told they have a mean streak when provoked. Two blonde twin girls sit in the kiosk, waiting to sell tickets and collect coats. A sea of people, a variety of shapes and sizes, fill the once empty room to capacity.
Derrick, the angry barman, remains behind the bar accompanied by two companions; another man, and a woman. Even though all three wear the same uniform, they're entirely different to one another.
The tiny built woman, with her already pale complexion, appears even paler under her mop of black hair and black painted features. She seems friendly enough as she converses with others, …show more content…

A kaleidoscope of butterflies invades my stomach the moment he turns his face towards me, our noses touching. I gaze through my lashes, straight into the ocean pools, where I become lost to the world as I allow myself become enthralled by Angelo’s magic. He brushes his lips against my ear, caressing the softness of my skin while his hot breath flows down my neck. “Frankie will introduce you soon. Are you going to sing that song for me again?”
My heart flutters like a hummingbird in my chest, my breath becomes heavy, making me dizzy almost. My eyes flutter closed as I lose myself in this moment with Angelo.
All too soon I hear my name being called, freeing me from captivity. I snap my eyes open to see Frankie standing on the stage, holding his hand out towards me. I turn to face Angelo, who gazes at me with sensual eyes. The hummingbird in my chest beats her wings harder, desperately searching for a way out. I have to turn away quickly before I accept the invitation to fall into his arms and kiss him in front of Alice.
The crowd parts, allowing me access towards the stage. As I did earlier, I hold onto the rail as I ascend the four steps, my body quivers, my breath becomes ragged. My heartbeat continues to race, but no longer because of Angelo's advances. Now, I have a crowd of strangers to entertain, a far more terrifying prospect than earlier, only singing for Angelo.
Frankie waits beside the microphone, gazing back

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