The Coach : A Review On Managerial Coaching

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At this time, James would be considered an underperforming employee. However, Alex has seen James potential through working with him on a previous project. To help James realize his potential, Alex will need a well-executed coaching plan. Coaching is an ongoing, collaborative process. It involves observing, complimenting, and seeking opportunities for improvement. The first goal of coaching is to establish trust between the manager and subordinate (Southwell, 2015, Unit 7).

“Coaching, defined as the facilitation of individual learning within an organization, is vital to the growth of organizational learning” (Hagen, 2010, p. 791). In the article “The wisdom of the coach: A review of managerial coaching in the Six Sigma context,” Hagen …show more content…

Through her analysis of the situation, Alex has seen that James prefers a more personable manager. He was successful under Jackson DeRosa on the MGM job. Jackson knew his employees personally and how to motivate them individually. On the other hand, Gary Boone was his supervisor on the Viacom job. Gary was a critical manager who showed that he only cared about numbers, not his employees. Gary worked his employees for 14 hour days on weekends, which could cause the best employee to become unmotivated and disengaged.

There are four types of coaching styles: driver, persuader, amiable, and analyzer. The driver is an assertive manager. The persuader attempts to sell the employee on his or her idea. The amiable manager is not assertive. The analyzer is logical and systematic (Southwell, 2015, Unit 7). Alex needs to understand that none of these coaching styles should be considered superior to the other. A good coach must be adaptable, and understand which style will enhance a particular learning opportunity. With that being said, Alex should not choose one particular style when working with James, but choose the style based on the situation (Southwell, 2015, Unit 7). It would seem that James has been resistant to the driver style in the past, so she would only need to use that style when absolutely necessary.

“Employee coaching, which we consider to be a critical part of the performance management process, is coaching done by a

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