The Coca-Cola Marketing Mix

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RUNNING head: THE COCA-COLA MARKETING MIX The Coca-Cola Marketing Mix 1 2 THE COCA-COLA MARKETING MIX Abstract The marketing mix is known as the 4 P’s or the product, price, place and promotion of Marketing. It is a marketing strategy that company’s use to estimate the value and determine the methods of advertising and distributing its products. Coca-Cola has been long admired for its approach to marketing. Over its 127 year history, Coca-Cola’s efforts to refine and perfect its marketing mix has allowed the company to become the number 1 beverage company in the world. Coca-Cola is one of the longest surviving brands and among the most successful companies ever. No one would dispute that Coca-Cola has a very…show more content…
3). The final “P” of the marketing mix is Promotion. Promotion is the persuasive communication about the product to the prospect or consumer (Sherlekar et al., 2010). Rachel Arandilla,in her article, Coca-Cola Advertising Through the Years states, “Coca-Cola is one of the most persistent and well-loved brands in history. It is one of the longest surviving brands, and thus considered among the most successful companies ever. The reason in part of this, is their strong advertising and marketing. Coca-Cola has always relied on advertising to promote and market their brand, and this is why they are always on top of their game, after having been in the market for more than a century! Coca-Cola advertising has indeed greatly affected American pop culture, and even the whole world. (Arandilla, 2013, para. 1). THE COCA-COLA MARKETING MIX 5 In 2012 Coca-Cola was ranked the “World’s Most Valuable Brand” and accumulated over 48 billion dollars in operating revenue and 9 billion dollars in net income. ("The coca-cola system"). No one would dispute that Coca-Cola has a very successful marketing strategy. After more than a century of success, what does the future look like for Coca-Cola? Social networks like Facebook and Twitter is the destination for millions of consumers daily. Increasingly, social networks offer targeted
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