The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

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The collapse of the Soviet Union can ultimately be attributed to three broad, complex, and interconnected issues: The economy, Leadership, and Geography. All three of theses factors are interconnected and each contain several reasons why they contributed to the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union. The first and most simple reason the Soviet Union failed can be attributed to their geographical challenges. The Soviet Union suffered two problems in regard to geographic challenges. Firstly the country itself was far too vast, and its influence spread too far for there to be an easy to spread authority (Suny). With such as large state to control there was realistically no feasible way that influence from Moscow could control a large territory from Central Asia to Eastern Europe. This is a territory that contained various amounts of ethnicities, religions, and cultures. In an obvious perspective larger an state gets the harder it is to be controlled. Analytically speaking it is rather impossible to control such a territory from a central authority. With the Soviet centrally commanded system, authority from Moscow could not be spread vastly without a consequential use of money and resources. Secondly The Soviet Union was blessed with an abundance of natural resources. At first glance it would be easy to view this abundance of resources as a blessing for a powerful nation. However from a historical angle the Soviet Union was trapped in resource curse. A resource curse being an

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