The Colonies And The New World

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Sarah Gomez

Professor Shane West

HIST 1301

22 September 2014

The Colonies

It all started in the 17th century, Europeans crossed the Atlantic to find the New World where they could start their new lives and spread religion along with improving their status in life. It began with Jamestown; now know as Virginia, when it became the first settlement that soon was established as the first colony. Not too far long, pilgrims traveled to the New World and discovered Plymouth in the colony of Massachusetts. As time went by, many disagreements over the boundaries of the colonies rose and The French and Indian War broke out. After the war, England took control over the colonies and was broken into 4 major regions The major regions were called New England, Middle, Chesapeake Bay, and the Southern Colonies. Despite the location and area the colonies settled, each colony had their own similarities and differences; thus, based on political, religious, self-governing, and land owning. These individual colonies declared independence from Britain and without a hesitation, they broke out and each went their ways.
Four major colonies that made up New England were New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Colony. Pilgrims, also known as puritans, left the Church of England to travel to the New World in request of land and to have the choice of religion. The puritans then became known as the “separatists”. Soon after, William Bradford and 67 migrants traveled from

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