The Color Of Water Character Analysis

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The early 1900’s was a time period, after slavery but not far from racism, where whites and blacks still had their communal differences. This issue was shown from a firsthand view in the nonfiction piece The Color of Water by James McBride, who lives with his single, white, Jewish mother with the rest of his siblings. The book is about how McBride and his family lived during this time because of the external atmosphere and tension of racism. McBride was a mixed child, whose father was a black man, whereas his single mother is a white woman. McBride’s mother, Ruth, experiences many changes as a character throughout her life due to struggles in her life. Changes such as leaving her family, marrying a black man, and living as a strong and independent woman show Ruth’s personality which has evolved throughout her entire life. These changes were shown clearly as Ruth leaves her father’s home.
An example of Ruth’s change would be when she left her family and changed from being an obedient daughter in the family to a rebellious woman who stood up for herself. This event in her life sparked the beginning of her evolving character changes, which lasted throughout her life. She speaks of how she was always an outcast among her family and had argued with her parents, but in the end accepted what they said. When Ruth was about to graduate. Tateh, her father would not allow her to go to the ceremony as it was a Church. As they argue, she exclaims on page 201, “Well, Tateh and I argued
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