The Commitment of Returning to School

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Making the commitment as an adult to return to school can be a difficult task. Furthering education as an adult with the responsibilities of a family and a job, finding the time necessary for school can be daunting. This paper will outline steps potential or current students can take in order to ensure the family is taken care of and work responsibilities are not taking a back burner in this process. Students can improve the balance of time by creating a time schedule, use any free time wisely and make use of tutoring or other academic assistance programs provided from universities. Making a schedule for both academic assignments and personal responsibilities is paramount because it will help in knowing when assignments are due and the personal commitments that need to be completed. Adults should make schedules for the whole semester for their long-term goals and weekly schedules for their short-term goals. Get out that pencil and paper; (Knoll, M., 2012) advises that all commitments should be notated into two columns. The first column should include non-flexible commitments and the second column should notate the flexible activities. In the first column, add things such as school, work and family events to include travel time to and from different places. In the second column, fill in things that are more important and work down to things that can be done whenever time permits. For the second column, add things like meals, chores and studying. Not only will making

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