The Common Goals Of Nurses Essay

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The common goals of nurses are to render quality-nursing care towards the patients. Nursing workforce consists of different quality of nurses, age groups, attitudes and behaviours. In order to expedite the goal successfully, the nursing workforce needs to work in unity to build an organized team. A team is important and a nurse needs to practice leadership to facilitate team processes, job satisfaction and work performance to accomplish clinical objectives of the organization. Multiple Generations Nursing workforce consists of the 4 generations, which are the Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. Each generation has it own distinctive personality, beliefs, values and perceptions towards work. Knowledge and technologies has grown significantly, hence, individuals will be able to progress smarter throughout different generations. The young generation may have great education background but may not have much experience on the field hence the older generation’s experiences help in filling up the gap in this role. In an organization, it should not only consist of the Generation X and Y because without mixing difference individual, an ideal performance will not be achieved and knowledge will considerably at lost, (Kenan-small 2011). Advance technologies are implemented; nurses need to learn and acquire necessary skills to manage effectively. There are seemed to have older generation mainly Traditionalist nurses having difficulty in adapting to these
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