The Communication Approaches That The Nurse For Individuals Who Do Not Speak English As Their Primary Language

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NUR 642: Week one case study. 1. Describe at least two problems encountered by the nurse when giving nursing care to persons who do not speak English as their primary language. Inability to communicate with a patient that does not speak English is inconvenient and frustrating and it compromises care. Patient care and patient safety can be compromised if the nurse giving nursing care to persons who do not speak English as their primary language. 2. Describe four communication approaches that the nurse can use to give culturally appropriate care. Social justice: Professional nurses shall promote social justice for all. The applied principles of social justice guide decisions of nurses related to the patient, family, community, and other …show more content…

Cultural competence is a dynamic, lifelong learning process. Understanding the process for assessing cultural patterns and factors that influence individual and group differences is critical in preventing over generalization and stereotyping. Knowledge of the following topics is essential in order to provide evidence-based, culturally competent nursing care. Culturally Competent Practice: Nurses shall use cross cultural knowledge and culturally sensitive skills in implementing culturally congruent nursing care. Cross cultural practice in nursing involves a complex combination of knowledge of diverse cultural practices and worldviews, reflective self-awareness of own cultural worldview, attitudes about cultural differences, and skills in cross cultural assessment and communications. Cross cultural practice begins with a thorough assessment of the physical, psychological and cultural foci as the basis of the planning of care. Inherent in effective assessment is cross cultural communication skills, utilized to maximize common understanding and shared meaning of the health-illness encounter of the culturally diverse client. 3. Describe approaches the nurse can use when relating to a client whose primary language is not English. The ultimate goal is good communication between the nurse and the patient. The use of a standardized nursing language can improve patient care. The use of a

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