The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels On The Eve Of The Revolution Essay

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The publication of “The Communist Manifesto” - in which Marxism first appeared as an influential political worldview - was a significant historical event. The book was published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels on the eve of the revolution of 1848-1849. “The Communist Manifesto” is considered as an important programmatic document of scientific communism. The book shows the depressed position of the proletariat in bourgeois society and opened a world-historical mission of the working class.
Class struggle had a special meaning in Marxism. From the first paragraphs of “The Communist Manifesto”, it is understandable that the whole history of the world consists of class struggles. From the viewpoint of Marx and Engels, class struggle will always be everywhere, in every society, where antagonistic classes exist. Marxists believe that the class struggle develops in three main ways:
1. Economic – proletariat struggles for the improvements of the conditions of their labor, the reduction of working hours, and higher wages.
2. Political – proletarian class struggles for its interests and for the dictatorship of its class.
3. Ideological – struggles against bourgeois and their ideology, which contributes a socialist consciousness in the working class.
The main achievement of the bourgeois was that it “has agglomerated population, centralized means of production and has concentrated property in a few hands”(Marx and Engels 1848:12). So, the power was in bourgeoisies’ hands. They

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