The Community Model and Historical Developments

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Learning Team Introduction Over the last several years, a wide variety of health care organizations have been facing tremendous challenges. This is because they are using different models that will impact the underlying quality of care and the focus of staff members. To determine the most effective approach, there will be an emphasis on a number of areas to include: examining the community model, identifying three categories, comparing this with nursing practices, contrasting these ideas to Mihaela Colea views and discussing the importance of advocacy projects. Together, these different elements will provide specific insights that will highlight the best practices for a modern day health care environment. The Community Model and Historical Developments The community model is focusing on giving stakeholders more of say in how health care solutions are provided. Under this approach, they will play a part in working with administrators, doctors, nurses and patients to identify the best solutions. At the heart of this strategy, involves using primary care providers who can cover the basic issues surrounding someone's health. This is a part of historical trends that were focused on reducing the underlying costs for these services and increasing the total amounts of quality. When this happens, there will be a transformation in the way everyone is able to receive a host of services. ("The Role of Community Participation," 2010) Relationship of three concepts within the model
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