The Comparison Of Animal Pigs

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They received a special education, piglets were discouraged from laying with the other animals, pigs had the right of passage, pigs could wear green ribbons on their tail on sundays.
Boxer was getting old and eventually "retired" they put him in a horse stall and a couple of days later a horse slaughter/ glue maker came and got him. Napoleon said it was really a vet that got a new truck and hasn't been able to repaint it. really the pigs sold Napoleon to the horse slaughter/ glue maker to get money to buy a case of whiskey.
They were not working for man, they were working for themselves.
She saw a pig walking on their hind legs.
All animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.
They saw the pigs in alliance with the humans. The animals couldn't tell the pigs from the humans because the pigs were starting to act so much like the humans now.

The pigs fooled everyone by having Squealer read to them and describe how what their doing is helping them a lot more than before. And that their gaining a lot more by what their doing. Nobody can argue with the facts that are being presented to them.
He has many different titles for his name. He has his own apartment in the house. He has his own personal food taster and always either walks around with bodyguards or and entourage.

Napoleon was supposed to sell the lumber to Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick. Instead he choose to mess with them and have them go against each other until he gets the exact price he wanted for

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