The Competency Of An Apn

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We discussed the competency of an APN in the process of ethical decision-making, and facilitating patient knowledge, patient decision-making and decreasing health disparity. J.M.C. stated ways of practicing ethical responsibilities were through the establishment of relationships with her patients, acknowledging their individual and collective strengths and assisting them in meeting their health care needs. She encourages many of her older adult patients to acknowledge the need to address advance directives and living wills, and engages in care-based ethics where she uses the relationships she develops with her patients to practice ethical behaviors. She adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and regulations by divulging patient information to those involved in the care of the patient or individuals the patient sign consent forms for that allows an exchange of information in the care provided. In regards to policy competencies, J.M.C. expressed the importance of the involvement of APNs in professional organizations to increase the power of the group and exponentially increase the influential power of advanced practice nursing and organizations in political changes. Her own experience as a member of the Kentucky Nurses Association showed the value of an APN’s dedication to high-quality nursing standards and improving methods of practice by professional nursing organizations leading to improved care and benefits for all involved

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