Nursing Competency Statement

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Like most other professions, nursing is controlled by government regulatory agencies and professional organizations. For instance, boards of nursing in various states are the government entities mandated to regulate nursing at the state level, while the American Nurses Association is a professional organization that governs nursing at the nation level. Regulatory agencies and professional organizations are guided by the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities. In California, the Board of Registered Nursing is the regulatory agency mandated by law to ensuring the quality registered nurses in the state is enhanced in order to protect the health and safety of the public. The Board authority is provided by the California State Government …show more content…

In fact, before I graduated, the program I was in was placed under probation because its pass rate was less than seventy five percent. My class had to work extra hard, and we ensured that the program was removed from probation. I contributed in giving suggestions on how to restructure the program in order to minimize the likelihood of program being place in probation in future. Before getting my license, I had to demonstrate to the Board that I will be a competent nurse. I demonstrated my competency by passing my skills labs, clinical skills, and academic requirements. Additionally, I had to demonstrate my competency to the Board by passing my NCLEX and a criminal background check. Also, in order to receive a certificate in Public Health Nursing, I must demonstrate to the Board that I have taken classes in Community and population health and I have at least ninety hours of community health field work. Furthermore, before renewing my license, a biennially ritual, I must demonstrate my continued competency to the Board by showing evidence of that I have taken at least forty hours of continuous education. Failing to comply the license renewal requirements, is enough grounds for Board to deny my license renewal application. In order to protect my nursing license, and more so to be a safe and competent nurse, I have vowed to myself to always be ethical in decision making, to report to …show more content…

The association endeavors to enhance high standards of nursing practice by promoting safety and ethical decision making. The association represent nurses in lobbying regulatory agencies on issues related to policy and legal development. The association is involved in establishing the standards of nursing practice. It disseminates information to nurses though workshops, conferences and publications. The association publishes, American Nurse Today, The American Nurse, and The Online Journal of Issues in

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