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Based on these numbers one can assume that consumer demand was initially exceeded by Windows 95. However, Microsoft headed by Bill Gates was not satisfied and they had experienced success and they wanted a lot more of it. One man, also in the computer industry, had some say in this pursuit of ultimate success. This man, Steve Jobs, was the mastermind of the computer giant Apple. Both had no intention of giving in and losing the industry race. Many people picked their side of the battle by choosing what computer they enjoyed more and were unbelievably loyal to that side throughout the generations. Loyalty ran so deep people started to trash talk about the other side like Vic Sussman, an American newspaper and radio journalist. She …show more content…

Evaluating this twenty year change is one of the tougher things to do, because this time was jam-packed with many upsides but just as many downsides. The general public of Windows users has responded well to this total makeover of Microsoft Windows. A select few may say they strongly disliked the new and improved Windows, probably Apple backers, but that does not speak for the majority of the public. This new operating system dramatically changed the productivity of Windows. It was a positive change in productivity that allows for optimal use of the computer at all time. The new features added to Windows 10 have made the Windows experience more enjoyable. The Microsoft Windows users really enjoy the new feature of applications. It makes the it feel as if you are using a phone instead of computer. Were all of these new features worth it? This is a major question that I 'm sure Bill Gates asks himself everyday. The cost to make all of these necessary changes was sky-high, more than likely forcing the cost line above the revenue line for Microsoft. Windows 10 has been downloaded on 67 million computers, which is is significantly higher than Windows 95’s 7 million. However, the number of computers worldwide has gone sky-rocketed, so that 67 million is a relatively low number. When one examines the change in its entirety, you will find that the cons of the change significantly outweigh the pros. Meaning that if

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