The Concept Of Love By Erich Fromm

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The concept of love has been an everlastingly a very indefinable topic. It is a definition and sense that philosophers, psychologists, and biologists have been seeking since the beginning of time. Conflicts have been paid and struggled over it, while friendships have been introduced and have concluded because of this idea. But what exactly is love, and why is it important to define this mystery (Chapman, 2011)? Before loving any other person, a human being starts learning to love by loving his own self. According to Erich Fromm, self-love or love for oneself is very important for a person’s societal and emotional development. Before starting loving his inner-self, he needs to have some self-esteem and self-confidence. If a human being is open to criticisms and takes any comment sportingly or motivationally to make himself better, than he can become less demanding to others, which is very important for the formation of being a better person.
Those who don’t like themselves, obtain other connections that can strengthen their low self-esteem.

A loving relationship has the quality to comprise different kinds of friendship, sometimes a sensual need, significance over other interactions, loving to the point of great self-sacrifice. A relationship might start with a sense of friendship, but later it can develop into romantic love. There is actually no specific or commonly established definition of love in this world.
Expressions of love and actions differ throughout time and
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