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Business article The business article which I came across was about extending the competitive market strategy and also it’s was in the Academy of marketing science. Its purpose is to study and also improvement of marketing scholarly research and also the practice of the publishing research and the article is a substantive domain of marketing. The marketing concept has been a philosophy that many firms should always analyze the needs of their customer and also make a need to satisfy their needs better than the competition. The three concepts which are to be involved one is the Product concept that is the firm focusing on those products that it’s able to produce. The orientation of …show more content…

The concept has always held that the consumers and business if let alone will ordinarily not be able to buy enough of the selling company products. The organization must always, therefore, undertake an aggressive promotion and selling efforts. The concepts will always assume that consumers typically shows buying resistance and hence must be coaxed into buying. It has always assumed that the company has a whole battery of effective selling and also promotional tools which are able to stimulate more buying. Most of the firms will always practice the selling concepts when they have overcapacity (Stewart, 2006,). The marketing concept is a business philosophy that always challenges the above of the three the production concept, product concept, and selling the concept. It central tenets crystallized in the 1950s and will always hold that the key to achieving its competitors in creating, delivering and also communicating customer value to its selected target customers. The marketing concepts rest on the four of the pillars which are customer needs, target market, integrated marketing and also profitability (Schoell & Guiltinan, 1995,). The distinctions between the sales concept

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