The Conception Process Of A Sperm Cell

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The conception process takes place when a sperm cell from the male unites with an ovum (egg) in the female’s fallopian tube in a process called fertilization. From this moment, the egg is going to start a journey amount three periods, until become into a baby, sex, organs, and all its functional system will be development during 38 weeks.

The germinal period: It takes place during the first to week of conception. In this period a fertilized egg will be created, a group of cells will be in charge in different process, first the blastocyst which is a group a cell that will develop into the embryo. Then the trophoblast will provide nutrition and support to the embryo.

The embryonic period: Occurs from two to eight weeks after conception,
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From this semester until the age of two the neurons will increase their connectivity and functioning.
The most important phases of the brain’s development are: The neural tube, neurogenesis, neural migration, and neural connectivity.
Under certain circumstances if the brain does not finish its development completely, there is a high risk for the baby. If there is a failure during the closing of the neural tube the fetus can died on the womb. One way to prevent this failure would administrate B vitamin to the pregnant woman. Also, prevent on the future to get expose to Tabaco or stress, so the brain can development.
The mother’s nutrition has a strong influence under the development of the fetus. First they need to understand that they will gain weight during the pregnancy, however it is necessary to acknowledge their bones structure, and height, because an increase number of pregnant women gain more weight that they suppose. A well-balance diet, will help no only to the mother stay healthy, but the fetus will receive the right nutrients to grow healthy in the womb. There are some vitamins that are necessary during the pregnancy to avoid a nutritional unbalance

Exercise: The amount and type of exercise a pregnant woman can be exposed, depends directly of how advance
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