The Concepts Following Sociological Imagination

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In this essay I’ll be talking about Sociological Imagination and the concepts following it and more especially the importance of it. Sociological Imagination is one of the core concepts of Sociology whereas Sociology is all about studying people within the society and what they do. Sociological imagination is all about using one’s mind to see how people are affected by tangible and intangible things around them. Sociological imagination is affected by social forces which are forces that influence people to act in a certain way that is different from before. THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION The importance of sociological imagination is that it helps us as individuals, understand the nature of living by letting us see life in another perspective and to make our own choices, Sociological imagination also helps us have the advantage of realising our current situations and to let us come with alternative ways of solving those situations, More importantly Sociological imagination defines our unique abilities and to let us be ourselves no matter the circumstances. TROUBLES AND ISSUES Sociological Imagination is concerned with aspects such as “troubles and issues” of individuals and tries to find ways of resolving them. Troubles are difficulties that are faced individuals but they tend to have control over them, where else issues are difficulties that affect not only individuals but groups of people and they mostly have little or no control over them. In order for

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